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Here is a link to a video of Ginger Cato Brown's testimony that went out through NuGospel Network.  Please watch and share!



And here is a Youtube video Ginger recently made to show the prisoners at the Denton County Jail in Texas. It shows some of her many mug shots during her years of addiction and arrests, then the years of restoration and freedom following the last 11 years since God has radically set her free!


So far we have been able to get over 10,000 Walk it Out books into different jails and prisons across the United States and we have received many letters with testimonies of how this book has helped people in and out of prisons to change their lives. Seeing someone that came from a similar or even worse background in many cases gives these people hope that if God helped Ginger to do it, He can and WILL do the same for them!

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